A Poem About Going Everywhere

It feels as if we’re in a world
Where people don’t even care to see
Other people read and learn
About what Jesus did for you and me

Often it seems we’re in a box
Not caring about the world beyond
We only try to help ourselves
And for others not grow fond

But are we following God’s command
To go everywhere on this earth
To preach His Good News and Precious Gift
Does that quest to us have worth?

We need to give up our selfish aims
And strive to have compassion
Not on ourselves but on each other
Christ’s example as our fashion

So will you come and join me
To go into this mission field
To preach the gospel everywhere
And Satan not to yield?

This task may not be easy
We may be persecuted and set apart
But does really all that matter
When God observes the heart?

Even though strife may come
Our sacrifice will stand
The reward will be in Heaven
Because we followed God’s plan.


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