Two Simple Poems.

Faith and Fear

Faith and Fear start out alike
Both believing in things not seen
But they branch out
Where Fear feels doubt
And Faith for Hope is keen
Fear is easiest to feel
When the world throws it at your soul
But Faith brings more fulfillment
Making mind and body whole
So will you make the choice today
To put Faith into your life
And to cast all Fear out
Before it brings you strife?
You see, when you do this very thing
Joy and Happiness come
To make the world a better place
And Heaven more your home.

God Can Use You

God can use you no matter what your age
And His mercy does not change
“But I’m not special, He doesn’t need me”
Oh, how can that be?
He never stops caring for your life
He always loves you through wrong and right
And with Him, there’s no need to fright
Just listen to Him, and do what He says
And God will use you for the best


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