God's Meaning to Me

I was looking through my old notebook with notes in it from last summer's teen camp. In it, I found a poem I wrote during that week. Here it is!

"How amazing it is that I am unique.
May I, O Lord, be humble and meek!
You care for me when I feel so small.
I surrender and I give you my all.
Holy Spirit, fill my life and being;
Thank you for giving my life meaning.
I'm excited, I'm preparing
For all Your love that needs sharing.
I'm open to Your cross, I'm open to You risen.
With You in my life, nothing am I missing.
I can sing a brand new song;
Lord, only for Your face I long!
I need Your wisdom every second.
Jesus- please on me do beckon.
Change me fully, renew me now-
Holy Spirit do allow.
What would I do without Your love?
I look at the countless stars above.
I observe Your power, Your mercy, Your grace-
Lord, You are awesome in this place.
All of my worship and all of my praise
I lay at Your feet; Your name I do raise!"



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