As I ponder my life and the multitude of blessings I've been given, I can't help but give God so much thanks. I could probably sit down for more than twenty-four hours and constantly rattle off things that I am thankful for--blessings that I don't deserve but what God gives to me anyways.

One blessing, for example, is another day. While this may seem like an ordinary blessing, to me it is definitely extraordinary.

God is not finished with us yet; He has a plan and purpose for our lives; He has given us a fresh new joy everyday; He gives us breath and grace and freedom--all these blessings come with another day.

Sometimes the simple things in life are some of the most special and noteworthy of all.

May we never forget to praise and thank God everyday for all the big and even little blessings He gives us--for His contentment and joy truly come when we think about such things.


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