A Christmas Poem!

What is the meaning of Christmas?
So many do not know.
Why do we string up lights
And decorate with mistletoe?
Why does Santa Claus come to town
With his flock of reindeer,
Bringing presents to girls and boys
Each and every year?
Why are there decorations—
Red and green in every store?
Snowmen, candy canes, and elves—
Oh wait! I see more!
Two humbly dressed parents
In a little stable kneel,
They seem to have a newborn boy.
How happy and proud they must feel!
It’s said that this child is the Messiah,
The Savior of the World.
That this precious boy is Jesus,
God’s special plan unfurled.
I guess He’s what’s been missing
Through the shopping and the malls—
He may not fill our stockings,
But he holds the best of all.
Through Him our sins are cleansed,
They’re washed as white as snow!
We can live a happy life
And to Heaven someday go!

-Laura Prosapio


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