Being Absolutely Genuine.

Romans 12:9

"Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good."

Just this one verse from Romans is enough to help us through the human struggle of truly being genuine. As a sinful culture, we are naturally born selfish. To truly follow Christ and model His example is going against what our culture does, and in this case, to truly love others.

So much is fake these days--fake faces, fake attitudes, fake bodies, fake love. And it's the latter that is truly detrimental to society. Without love, our world is full of hate and destruction. But because God is love, we must be grounded in Him to emit the real thing. We must keep our eyes fixed on what true love is, because the love of the world says that the deepest and most coveted love is a lust relationship between a man and woman; however, to those who follow Christ, the deepest love we know is a Savior who died a painful death for the whole world and rescued us from eternal condemnation.

We must deny what the world's "love" is, because when we have Christ's perfect love, we won't have lust, we won't have fear, and we won't have guilt. Having God's love helps us love others with a real and genuine affection.


  1. Very true Laura, it's our responsibility to be the light in every situation no matter how hard it is. We have that responsibility because our eyes have been opened to the love of God.
    Hope you're doing well! Blessings

  2. Laura...I am going to buy your book one day.

  3. Thanks, Katie! You too:)

    I would love to give you a copy someday, Bethany.;)


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