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Sometimes the best step to take in life is to just be open. Sometimes our minds create perceptions that aren't even true about people or situations. Sometimes the enemy can put ideas in our minds that we think are true and govern our everyday lives until God shows us the real truth--truth that shines brighter than the dark and takes the blinders off our eyes.

Truth is great, and I feel like I'm seeing more of it lately.

Too Many Great Expectations.

So recently I was having a conversation with a very dear friend, and she gave me the incredible insight that we don't only have to get rid of the harmful expectations in our lives, but also the overly ambitious ones as well. Let me explain.

Recently I've had this intense need for God's purpose. His powerful and prevailing purpose. However, there's just one problem: I feel the need for this purpose to be HUGE...MONUMENTAL in fact. But this attitude has gotten in the way of my living everyday as a purpose for God. By my waiting for God to show me what my grand purpose in life is, I've missed out on daily purpose in impacting others' lives.

I've desired the results of God's power more than the active pursuit of His face and His love. God's plan for my life should never overshadow the sheer joy and peace in the fact that He has everything under control.

So let me quote part of the long version of the Serenity Prayer as the phrase "One Day at a…

Thoughts on 2010.

God has been incredibly faithful in 2010 with numerous changes that were ones I'd never experienced before. He's shown me that no matter what happens through the ins and outs of life, His purpose overcomes the adversity and the uncomfortable feelings. As I gaze back at the past 12 months, it was definitely a year of transition, but also a year of growth--gradual growth, but still growth.

Sometimes in my life I look for repeat performances from God for my own assurance that He has things in control. However, I've realized that it's in the brand new experiences that God shows us He has things in control.

These are some lessons learned this 2010 (might as well do 10 in honor of the year):
1) Never let first impressions of a situation govern my attitude or expectancy
2) Keep asking God for more of His power and spirit, and He will surely give me situations to use them
3) There's something so special about finding God in the quiet moments
4) "Worry does not empty toda…