Right now is such an interesting time in my life. It seems like I am between two stages of life. While I am still in high school, I am not planning for next year's high school course load like previous years. While I am not seeing a future next year at my high school, I am planning my next move--focusing on finding the right college--where God wants me. I am finishing one chapter of life and moving to the next.

It's funny how chapters close. Seasons end. However, new chapters begin. Another season comes. And I can feel this chapter in high school coming to an end. While that could stop me from trying, my hope and prayer is that the few weeks I have left in my high school's walls will allow me to leave an impact on individuals around me. I want that urgency of a chapter closing to cause me to not give up on making somebody's day brighter, caring for the ones who feel uncared for--loving like Jesus loves. May I be reminded each day as I walk through the crowded hallways to love the seemingly unlovable, to walk alongside those on a tough journey.

It's so easy to focus on the excitement of the next chapter. And trust me, I am stoked. However, I want more excitement to lie in the here and now--my focus placed on what I can do before I walk across the stage and flip my tassel to the left side of my cap.


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