God is faithful. Oh so faithful.

So, I haven't blogged in awhile, but I have an update on college! I have decided to go to Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, this fall. It's amazing how God has orchestrated my going to school there--He has already provided so greatly. I just feel such great peace about this decision.

Now, I expect college to be a major transition. I've never been away from home ever longer than 10 days (when CREW went to Honduras)--so I know that being at college for months at a time will be different. But I'm thankful for modern conveniences such as Skype or Facebook or picture messaging and even cell phones to be able to communicate with my family while I'm eight hours away!

I feel it's normal to feel a bit insecure about change--I mean in the past, change has taken major adjustment--however, what I love is how I can feel God's deep peace transcending my surface-y worries and feelings of being uncomfortable. I know this is in His plan for me. And I choose to be obedient to His plan in daily surrender--trusting that He will work in this new season of my life. He is always faithful--has been, is, and always will be.


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