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We may not be able to see the reason behind the season we are going through--but we will taste and see that the Lord is good. Steven Curtis Chapman carries across this message so beautifully in this song...

Something More.

Sometimes I wish I had something more tangible--
Like an embrace, like your laugh, like your smell.
I wish I could reach beyond paper.
Though photos have good intentions, they mask
The true dimension of who you were--who you are.
Your bottle of old perfume sits pretty,
Its expectancy in vain.
The guitar you used to play sits idle.
How I wish I could hear you strum.
I loved 'our' movies.
This brings back emotions--
Fresh ones.
I remember your favorites. And how we said
That we were going to watch them in the summer.
But summer never came.
Dusty tapes.
It seemed to always be winter.
Yet, day by day. Moment by moment. I've grown.
I've learned.
You are as present as I make you.
Your life replays through my memories.
As I think about you, you reappear.
I cannot touch you, but you're here.
Thank you.
You're here when I sing, when I think.
When I write.
And right now, this is who you are to me.
For eternity, you will be so much more.
We will forever be there.…