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God is Faithful.

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.” –Psalm 37:4
            During my early pre-teen years, I dreamt about the day when I could come to Evangel. Ever since I’d heard individuals from church speak about it so highly as a place to grow academically and spiritually, I longed to be a part of this college community. For my thirteenth birthday, I gleefully received a maroon Evangel t-shirt from a friend—and I wore it proudly. My heart’s desire was to become a counselor one day, and I knew that Evangel would be the perfect place for me to grow in my faith as well as get a fantastic education. I enjoyed frequently browsing through the school’s website, looking at the classes I could one day take.             However, as I progressed through high school, and started filling out college applications, I realized that college was a significant financial investment. I was confused and anxious, not knowing if my dream of coming to Evangel would be realized. Through …