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His Promises are Pure.

"The LORD's promises are pure, like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over." ~Psalm 12:6

A Sweet Family Visit.

When I came to Evangel this past August as a freshman, I realized that I would be met with new opportunities: pursuing my passion of psychology, meeting peers with similar passions, growing in Christ, and gaining an independence to make my own decisions from choosing where to go for dinner to finding a new church home. When I said good-bye to my family in the South Side parking lot, I recognized that these new opportunities would also be faced with a few challenges, including not seeing my family for several weeks at a time.

I've attempted to cope with this distance in several ways--from texts, to Skype sessions, to Facebook, to phone calls. I'm thankful for how technology has sometimes made 500 miles almost non-existent. However, these modern conveniences could not begin to account for the warm hugs from my family and the feeling of being in their company.

That's why I was overjoyed when my family traveled the eight hours from Chicago to come visit this new corner of the wo…

Three Who Have Impacted Me.

This morning, as I was reading out of the Psalms, the Lord reminded me of His unending faithfulness. In reflecting on His faithfulness through all seasons of life, I began to dwell on some of the individuals He placed in my life over the years who have spoken words of encouragement, wisdom, and passion into me. Because of these women of God, I have been FOREVER changed.

1. Mrs. Christine Darnell

Mrs. Darnell was not only my 6th grade teacher, but she was one of the most honorable, humble, and loving women I have ever met. Her heart constantly meditated on Scripture, and she spoke those Scriptures over me throughout my life. Out of the joy in her heart, her actions reflected her love for the Lord. I knew that if I ever needed prayer for myself or for my family, Mrs. Darnell would always be there to intercede and truly seek God's face for my needs. She was a woman of faith. In my 6th grade class, we prayed everyday for needs my classmates had. Mrs. Darnell always made sure to offer G…