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A Skate on the Ice.

Laced-up skates. Smooth ice. Laughter...and a fall or two.  

Last Friday, my floor—Walther 2nd North—went ice skating at Mediacom Ice Park. Because it was Open Skate Night, we only had to pay $3. With fun Christmas music playing in the background, we flew round and round the rink. Holding hands to help keep each other balanced, we attempted to keep our feet on the ground. Some girls were more advanced, able to skate backward and do some spins; others of us did our best to skate forward. Regardless of our level, we helped each other have the best skating experience possible.

I truly enjoy floor events. And I love the girls on my floor. We have had many bonding experiences so far:  a weekend retreat, dinner at IHOP, frozen custard at Andy's, weekly devos, Christmas decorating, “Secret Sisters,” hide-and-seek in the dark, pranks, and other fun activities. We've laughed, cried, and had deep discussions about how God is moving in our lives. We're able to be open with each other--…


I was blessed to go home for Thanksgiving break last week. I can't describe the emotions I felt as, at the end of an eight-hour-long car ride journey, I started to spot familiar street signs and places. Sentimentality filled my heart, and I began to reflect on simple memories that have built me to who I am now. As I was lost in my ponderings, we finally pulled up to my pumpkin-colored home in the suburbs of Chicago. Normalcy. The life I've known for so long. As I trudged with my luggage into the front door, I could hardly contain my joy. I drank in the scent of my home. Home. As I gave my mom, dad, and brother big hugs, I felt wonderful.

After thirteen weeks of being away at school, I worried that I wouldn't be able to adjust to being back at home for a short weekend. Would I long to stay at home? Would my mind be filled with thoughts of school? Would I be fully present as I caught up with family and friends? My worries melted away as I asked the Lord to help me live "…