First Semester Reflections.

When I arrived on campus two weeks ago to start the new spring semester, excitement filled my heart. I spotted familiar faces—people I’ve made memories with during the fall semester. Somehow, the overwhelming jitters I felt when I started my first semester of college seemed to disappear, and instead a renewed confidence of my place here at Evangel filled the space where my apprehensions had once been.

When I began my first semester here as a freshman, I felt very uncertain about the many weeks that would await me—away from the comfort of home, where I felt extremely safe and warm bundled on my soft couch watching scripted Turner Classic Movies. I suppose what I most feared about beginning a new chapter at Evangel was that it was an unscripted start, an unpredictable present.

Yet, as I began to go to my classes everyday, learned about others’ lives over meals in the Caf, bonded with girls on my floor during devos, and had deep conversations about God’s love with peers, I began to feel a sense of comfort. I realized I was not alone in my journey of living day-by-day. This not only gave me a sense of belonging, but it also showed me that God is giving me the privilege of living one day at a time and walking alongside friends who are doing the exact same thing.

During my first five months on campus, such sweet memories have been formed. I look forward to the memories yet to be made during this new semester. My comfort zone is surely to be stretched as I walk each day, and I have no doubt I will experience feelings of fear, uncertainty, and even some questionings. However, the beauty of faith is that we can give these feelings of distress to a God who knows exactly the plan He has for us.

A good friend recently spoke to me of God presenting life to us as a rough draft. God places passions in our hearts to drive us, a purpose in our lives to inspire us—yet, oftentimes He withholds the full picture of His plan for our lives. This allows us to TRUST Him for the details through our moments of fear and uncertainty, and ultimately provides an even GREATER testimony to share with those around us of what we couldn’t do on our own.

If you’re struggling with seeing the “big picture” of God’s plan, I encourage you to trust that He is working ALL things together for your good. Whether it’s selecting a college to attend, or choosing your life’s direction, know that His peace will flood your heart as you give your dreams to Him.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” –Philippians 1:6


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