Surrendering the Future.

I'm learning that living one day at a time is not just a lifestyle, but it's a change in my thought pattern. It's surrendering to God even our imaginations of our own desires. For as we construct our own ideas of where God is going to lead us, we ultimately set God's perfect plan on a scale next to our own idea of what God's plan will be for us. We can place our lives into our hands even by the thoughts we think. Instead, may we surrender even our thoughts so that will fully live by His strength each day, and not our own.

A word God spoke to my heart before bed last night:

You think you have given Me your future, but you still don't believe that I have the best in store for you, as evidenced by your thoughts. Trust that I do, for I do. I will take care of you. And as you surrender your thoughts for the future, you will have the freedom to fully live in what I have for you RIGHT NOW. Not worried about what will happen, but excited for what I am doing in you and through you NOW. For My glory, not for a sense of security in your own plan. Continue to rest in My presence and in My character. No good will I withhold from you, My love.

I pray this speaks to you today. It sure has been convicting to me.


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