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Year One.

What a year. I am left nearly speechless as I look back at my first two semesters at Evangel. So I'm going to write about them instead!

When I traveled to Springfield from my home in the south suburbs of Chicago, I had no idea what my college experience would look like. I had heard stories from current college students about their transition, their dorm life, their classes, and their new friendships. Still, I had a difficult time picturing myself as a college student. I couldn't help but view life from the frame of reference of a freshly-graduated high schooler, and I couldn't see myself as a college student no matter how hard I tried.

However, reality hit when my dad and mom helped me trudge my belongings into my new "home" in Walther Hall. There was a definite moment when I felt like this is finally happening. And that was an overwhelming moment. Through the many tears I shed during that transition of saying good-bye to the life I had always known, I gingerly e…

Going Home.

With summer quickly approaching, and my heart feeling bittersweet, I wanted to list some of the beautiful things I'm looking forward to this summer. Things that were part of my everyday life that I had to build a new routine apart from. Things that make my heart happy.

Going to Baker's Square with close friends on Wednesday nights for free pie. (With another menu item purchased of course!)Sipping coffee at the Starbucks by Lake Katherine and discussing life with my girlfriends.Going on walks with my family at Lake Katherine--taking in the sights of the baby ducks and geese at springtime, the new blossoms on the trees, the great outdoors.Watching Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant movies on the Turner Classic Movie channel. What beautiful, classic movies.Listening to the crackle of my favorite records on our record player. I always have a specific Frank Sinatra record I listen to when I do the dishes. (I miss that record...not so much doing the dishes every day!)Falling asleep on and …


Even though I've grown up in Chicagoland my whole life, and most recently have spent a winter in Springfield, MO, I have never been one who particularly enjoys winter. Snow is beautiful, yes. (Especially when it has freshly fallen onto tree branches!) But the consistent cloudiness paired with a chill in the air gets to me after a while.

However, I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we didn't have the hope of a spring. I try to imagine a state of constant winter with little hope of new life sprouting up from the ground. The thought of buds on the trees not appearing, the sun not peering through, and new life not coming leaves me feeling terribly sad.

The first two tulips outside my residence hall bloomed yesterday. As I beheld the beautiful light pink flowers, I took a deep breath and smiled. I never cease to be amazed by the annual promise of new life. No matter what, in our hearts, we are able to live with the hope that we do not have to experience a state of constant …

Katie's Age.

For the past few months, I've been trying to work through the fact that I'm passing up the age my sister Katie was when she went to be with Jesus. My mind struggles to deal with the notion that even though I'm her little sister, I have now passed my big sister's age. I am now living days that she never got to see on this earth. But also, I am living days that I have never seen her live. And this is very difficult for me.

This past Tuesday, I officially lived past the age she was at the time of her accident. Tuesday morning, I woke up around 7:00, and I could not help but ponder what Katie was thinking before the time of her fatal car accident at 7:30. What were her prayers? What song was in her head that morning? Did she consciously put on the colorful friendship-bracelet-like necklace I sent her for her birthday just a few weeks before? What was it like when she KNEW she was going to see Jesus in a few seconds?

These are things I don't know right now, but at this …