Going Home.

With summer quickly approaching, and my heart feeling bittersweet, I wanted to list some of the beautiful things I'm looking forward to this summer. Things that were part of my everyday life that I had to build a new routine apart from. Things that make my heart happy.

  • Going to Baker's Square with close friends on Wednesday nights for free pie. (With another menu item purchased of course!)
  • Sipping coffee at the Starbucks by Lake Katherine and discussing life with my girlfriends.
  • Going on walks with my family at Lake Katherine--taking in the sights of the baby ducks and geese at springtime, the new blossoms on the trees, the great outdoors.
  • Watching Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant movies on the Turner Classic Movie channel. What beautiful, classic movies.
  • Listening to the crackle of my favorite records on our record player. I always have a specific Frank Sinatra record I listen to when I do the dishes. (I miss that record...not so much doing the dishes every day!)
  • Falling asleep on and waking up on a queen-sized bed that I don't have to climb up to. It is by the grace of God that I haven't fallen off my lofted bed this school year!
  • Going out to dinner with my family and enjoying whatever conversation pieces come up. Seeing God work extraordinarily in the ordinary moments.
  • Traveling to Plush Horse on a whim and getting a double-scoop cone, even though I always know that a single-scoop there is like a triple-scoop anywhere else. Oh well!
  • Having dates with my brother in Orland. Eating lunch, sipping Jamba Juice, browsing through books at Barnes & Noble, and talking about life. It's the best.
  • Worshiping the Lord with friends and family at church. Seeing how God is working in each others' lives.
  • Waking up by the sound of my daddy's voice (instead of a harsh alarm clock).
  • Being able to read FOR FUN!
  • Taking the Metra to downtown Chicago, and allowing the beauty of the city to sink in. 
  • Traveling to LaGrange to eat at Casa Margarita and watch a bargain movie at the theater.
  • Smiling as my mommy strokes my hair at nighttime. 

I know it'll surely be an adjustment going back home, especially after having to accommodate for many things being away at college. And as much as I frequently get nervous about what changes have happened since being gone, I am looking forward to this list of simple joys and comforts that make my neighborhood and my house a home.

I'm going home! It's starting to sink in...Ten more days! (I can count the days on my fingers!)


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