A Hallmark Card.

I'm checking out of my cozy dorm room in Walther Hall tomorrow evening. This means I have spent much of my day today packing for the journey home that begins after I wake up from pillowing my head for the last time in my room tonight. When I sift through my belongings while packing, I tend to reflect on what each belonging means to me. This can make packing an lengthy and emotionally involved process. Nonetheless, it's part of my packing routine.

While taking down items from my wall, I stopped and stared at one of my favorite high school graduation cards. I received this card from my brother--a Hallmark card (My dream is to work as a Hallmark card writer one day!). This card has greatly impacted me from the first time I read it, and it has hung on my wall above my desk this past year as a reminder of the support I have from my brother and other caring individuals back home.

To me, the greatest compliments are those that point toward my character. In the midst of a society that continues to focus on how many accomplishments one can tally up, this card reminds me that it's the person I am who can affect the individuals around me--not what fantastic grades I can put on my transcript or how many degrees I can achieve. During finals week, this gives me a needed perspective. It's easy for me to tie in my worth to how well I conquer an exam or a course, but the Holy Spirit softly speaks to my heart to reassure me that God sees me for who I am in Him, not what I accomplish. 

I want to make the world a better place. I want to make people smile when they are in my company. Not to gain charisma or fame, but to show God's love in all that I do. For in being who He has made me to BE, He will speak to my heart to show me what to DO. 

God wants us to recognize that He is drawing us to BE in Him. He calls us lovely, complete, and loved in Him. What a beautiful identity.


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