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Securely in His Love.

Ever since I can remember, I tied my worth into how well I could accomplish the tasks that lay before me. Whether it was getting good grades, winning a spelling bee, or being in control of my every word and action—I needed to be working my hardest or best, or else it wasn’t good enough for me. And if it wasn’t good enough for me, then I reasoned it definitely wasn’t good enough for God.
I measured my achievement based on whether or not I got a compliment. If I worked especially hard to present my best, and then I didn’t get the amount of praise from others I thought I deserved, I would feel completely devalued. Even when I did receive praise, it never seemed to be good enough because it never satisfied my heart. As soon as I felt approved by those around me, I felt I needed to take it to the next level and be even more perfect, more pristine, and more worthy of love. Sure, improvement is usually something healthy to strive for. We always should try to be our best. But people cannot …

We Exalt Your Name.

This is such a powerful song that helps me to refocus my heart on who I am giving glory to.  A change in perspective occurs in our hearts when we transfer our attention from our own qualifications and accomplishments to giving glory to our God. May our every moment be spent exalting the name of the Lord.

"We could run through fields of daisies..."

This afternoon, my dad asked me to print out some copies of "Katie's Heaven letter" for my family to be able to distribute them to different individuals that Katie's Comfort Ministry ministers to. We had run out of our current supply, and he had been asking me to print them out for quite some time. However, today I finally answered his request to not only print the letters, but also to proofread the letter. (Thanks for asking me to do that, Dad!) For, in proofreading the letter, my heart was reminded once again of the love my sister had for her Lord and also of the deep, personal love the Lord has for us, His little children.

I want to share this "Heaven" letter with you, my readers. It is such a precious opportunity for me to be able to read the words she so honestly prayed to the Lord in October of 2005 (just five months before arriving in Heaven), and I pray that the words she wrote also touch your heart--allowing you to glimpse the love of a Savior who i…

My Bun-Bun.

This summer marks the tenth year I've had my bunny rabbit, Buttons. He has been a trusty pal. I took him out into the backyard yesterday afternoon, and we had a mini photoshoot together.

I'm thankful to have a furry buddy who has been in my life for the majority of it, and even though he's never said a word, I can sense he has somehow understood the scenic journey of life I've been on--and the many changes that have occurred throughout the years.

Thanks, Buttons, for being a class-act rabbit. Keep hoppin'...but please stop shedding. ;)

Beacons of Light.

It was a starry night—
Not twinkling in the sky, But rather piercing through the darkness In a nearby field. Taken by surprise, I stopped, Dumbfounded by the sight. How mysterious, how enchanting— Like from a distant galaxy.
Yet, encountering this wonder Was like hearing a song I’ve always known.
I recognized the glimmer.
From childhood I’ve seen one or two bulbs Appearing on summer nights. I admired their beautiful splendor And was curious about their purpose.
But through the years I’ve ceased To admire and to question.
Yet something about this recent night Allowed my heart to ponder. Glimpsing hundreds of bulbs at once Inspired me anew.
With rhythmic illumination My old friends danced before me. I could not trace their paths, But I knew they would alert me of their presence.
No man-made lamp powered by a current Could compare to the natural wonder on display. Connected to their Creator, they shone, Gaining life-sustaining purpose with each blink.
They were called to sing a melody in silence, To bring light to a…