An Imperfect Pot.

Earlier in this semester, I had the opportunity to make a pot in the Evangel Art Department. One of my friends on my floor was taking a pottery class, and she helped me to make the pot out of wet, gooey clay. It was a lot of fun to sit at the potter's wheel and try to form something out of the gray lump, although I was quite clumsy at it. My friend instructed me to put a lot of pressure on the clay as the wheel spun round-and-round. By putting pressure onto the clay, I ensured that the clay remained in the center of the wheel and within my control.

My friend continually poured water over the clay, and by doing so, she made sure it remained moist in my hands. When the clay started to get dry, it scraped my hands. Thus, by her pouring water frequently onto the clay, she not only ensured that the clay remained shape-able, but also that my hands wouldn't get seriously scraped. As I attempted to shape the pot, I had difficulty. After a few minutes, I decided that I was satisfied with the way my pot had turned out. However, it wasn't until I took it off the wheel that I realized how lop-sided and silly-looking it was. Still, I was satisfied with my pot. In its own unique way, it is lovely.

In making this pot, I couldn't help but see a parallel between us and God.   

"...O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand." ~Isaiah 64:8

We are each imperfect pots. We frequently can fight God's hands as we're on the wheel. God forms us, but oftentimes we try to move from His hands and drift off the center. We grow so dry on our own, and if we don't rely on God to fill us up, we can become very un-moldable. We are lopsided and sometimes even have trouble standing without a stable Hand holding us up.

Now that my pot is completed, I look at it from time to time as it sits on my desk. Honestly, I sometimes marvel at its imperfection. Then I think about my own imperfections and the ways I am so very weak. I think about how much God delights in every detail of my life; He isn't ashamed of my weaknesses. In fact, He asks me to rely on Him when I am so very weak (which is all the time). As I rely on Him in my weaknesses, He receives all the glory. I want to be a vessel displaying His glory--with eyes not on me, but rather on the Creator who uses my cracks and bumps and lopsidedness to display His glory.


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