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India or Bust.

"India or bust."  These words were written by my older sister Katie in her prayer journal to God while she was preparing to become a missionary to India.  God had placed the people of India on her heart from a very young age, especially the little girls of India.  Though Katie endured some difficult times, God continued whispering to her heart that she was called to the people of India.

I remember Katie talking about India very frequently during our conversations.  I suppose that's because her passion for the Indian people was so strong that it poured out beautifully from her heart in her everyday life.  I loved that God had spoken to her so clearly about what His plan was for her life--and I loved seeing her so excited for that plan.  Her enthusiasm for the country inspired me, and I often liked to picture myself one day visiting her in India as she dedicated her life to serving the Indian people.

When she died suddenly in a car accident as a 19-year-old in March of 2…