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I am a Christian before I am an American.

{I've written this post in response to the recent Refugee Crisis in America & abroad, as well as recent political discourse}
I am a Christian before I am an American. I don't believe these two identities should be intermingled beyond recognition, though I believe that this intermingling is repeatedly done within the United States of America. While being a Christian undoubtedly should make me a better American, I don't believe that because I'm American, that makes me a better and more competent Christian. As a Christian, my faith informs me to affirm the humanity and the dignity of all individuals who are made in God's image.

Growing up, I thought that America had it all together because I learned from school and television and church that America was "the greatest country on the face of the earth." Why? Because America is a "Christian nation." And we are to be "a city on a hill" to all the other countries who are not "Christi…

To the Introverted Evangelical.

"Lord Jesus, let me know myself and know Thee." - St. Augustine
Introversion. What a beautiful word. It’s a word I wasn’t aware of until the last few years, and grasping an awareness of this term has released me to understand my faith in Christ in a deeper way than I could ever have imagined.

Has anyone ever shamelessly uttered to you, “Why don’t you come out of your shell more?” Yeah? Me, too. (Cue the eye roll, please)

What does personality have to do with the way one interacts with Christ? In my opinion, it has practically everything to do with it. Because we are made in the very image of God, the way that we view Him directly impacts the way that we view ourselves; conversely, when we view ourselves as inadequate members of the body of Christ (as has been a common attitude I’ve observed in evangelical churches towards introverts), we don’t view ourselves as God would view us; thus, we fail to attribute the presence of God’s image being displayed in our uniqueness …