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Living from Belovedness.

This past semester, I wrote a research paper on the life, theology, and ministry of Henri Nouwen, a Catholic priest, writer, and psychologist, who blessed the world with his kindness and his seemingly endless insights. As I read his writings, I fell 'in love' with his explained concepts of Belovedness – specifically, living Beloved as God's dear children. His thoughts have reworked and reframed my most basic ideas of God's love, and while my paper is complete, I know that I will spend a lifetime chewing on Henri's sweet insights of the Father.

Essentially, living as God's Beloved helps us to identity with Jesus, find our hearts' true home in the Father, and value the life of our neighbor.

At the start of Jesus' ministry, when John the Baptist immerses him in water at his baptism, a voice is heard from Heaven. It's the voice of the Father. He proclaims over His Son, "This is my Beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased" (Matthew 3:17). Henri…

Mournful, but Prayerful.

{Warning: this post is political in nature}
I must be honest and up-front with my emotions. I am hurting. More than once, I have cried about the results of this Presidential election. Quite honestly, I would have felt a tinge of dissatisfaction no matter what the results. Thus, my tears are not indicative solely of the results of the Presidential election; rather, they speak to my experience of mourning and of misrepresentation.

This election has made it incredibly difficult for me to wear the name "evangelical." It's made me feel incredibly distanced from many in the Church – from those I deeply love. As a woman, I've felt the weight of what it means not only to be objectified, but also what it means to not be advocated for as one who is made in the very image of God. This election has been a time of ideological upheaval for me personally, causing me to question the very foundations of my political perspectives up until this point. I've revisited how I define &…