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Scaffolding & Scales.

As this second semester of seminary has begun, the words and insights of Henri Nouwen have continued to speak truth into my heart, especially as I've journeyed to invest in what it means for the Lord to access all of who I am – without disguises and without facades.

One of my dear friends here at Gordon-Conwell, Shannon, is also a Henri enthusiast. In one of my first conversations with her in September, she mentioned that she was moved and blessed by Henri's notion that we allow our "scaffolding" to be removed when we are in the Lord's presence. He sees us for who we really are, even when we are unaware of what lies beneath the layers of protection we have tried to establish to impress Him and others (and even ourselves).

I encountered this quote about scaffolding once again at a discipleship retreat I attended this past weekend, and again, this concept struck me deeply.

Here's what Henri writes:

In solitude, I get rid of my scaffolding; no friends to talk wi…