About Me.

Laura Ashley Prosapio. 24 years old. Chicago-suburb native. Hospital Chaplain. Aspiring writer. Saved by Grace. Seeking to live a cruciform life.

I'm a flower-loving gal who's been called "whimsical" and "quirky," as well as "a walking Hallmark card." On any given day, you'll most likely find me wearing floral print, stripes, or polka dots – or maybe even a combination of all three. I value sincerity, authenticity, and compassion – praying that my life daily reflects these values in congruence to Jesus' beautiful example.

This past May, I graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (GCTS) in the Boston area with a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation, and I just began my career in hospital chaplaincy. God's faithfulness has been ever present to me in my past, and I continue to see with fresh eyes His faithfulness in my present. I pray that my heart is constantly bowed before the Lord, inviting His Holy Spirit to work through my thoughts, words and actions.

 I'm happy you stopped by & that we can share this journey of life together. As you read this blog, may you see glimpses of His faithfulness in your life, too.

Contact me at lprosapio@gmail.com


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